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Based in the U.K, iamdope is a unisex clothing line. Merging both urban and streetwear fashion into one. Focusing strictly on products that are labeled as tops. Specifically, tang tops, t-shirts, sweaters, long sleeve tees, hoodies, and limited edition goods. Iamdope utilizes iconic figures, objects, and messages on their clothing. In conclusion, they use all those three core elements to create unique products, while obtaining customers due to the agreement of the message by each character.

     My first impression of the brand was a positive remark. I seen this specific theme before, so it has become common to an extent, however the clothing design was totally dissimilar. A good proportion of items have different colors within each item, for example the Gotenks tee has a dark camo color on the sleeves, then Gotenks face is on the front and back of the shirt. The rest of the shirt is black. You usually don't see a nice mix of colors like that together. Furthermore, as a customer of iamdope, I really enjoy the quality of the clothing. It's custom made, so I love the fact it's mysterious.

      First, we all have role models we look up. We're there supporters and we want to follow their footsteps. Iamdope has formed an ingenious idea of integrating fashion with iconic figures. As a young kid, I was always a huge Dragon Ball Z fan. Therefore, when I saw the Gotenks tee I had to have it. No, it's not just because Gotenks is on the shirt. It's because I like the style of how the shirt was made. I'm a big fan of camo and black can go with anything you wear. Also, in Dragon Ball Z, the theme is for the Z fighters to protect the earth from villains. So, when you think of camo, the first thing that comes to mind is the military. Clearly, there is a connection between the camo design and Gotenks, as they serve a sole purpose of protecting others. Now, that's what I call brilliant. Ideas like that bring out the best fashion.

      That's not all, besides seeing the role models you admire, it's the objects you observe in life. Which makes you think a certain way as a person. For instance, iamdope has a tee displaying a sprite, a cup, and medicine in the ocean. Illustrating to what is pollution and allotting to how it's created. Also, the water in the ocean is purple on the shirt. Showing that littering can harm the environment in a severe way. Iamdope has created a platform of expanding real life topics into their fashion, and this is the first time I've seen any clothing line do it. Iamdope is revolutionizing street and urban fashion in the 21st century.

      Lastly, it's the message, which is the most important element. You ( the audience) usually tend to buy anything you like at first sight. Whether it may be the newest Yeezys or Chelsea Boots. But, there is a strong similarity, thus enticing you to purchase it. For example, iamdope has a tee named trust nobody, indicating no one is really your friend. Symbolizing independence for yourself, as well as claiming you only need yourself in this world. This quote was quoted by the legend Tupac. As a result, the message was so significant, that consumers had to buy it and preach for what it meant. Now, that's what I call a fashion statement.

      Overall, iamdope is truly an inspiration for those who want to change the world by what they wear. Actions speak louder than words, and the main goal is to demonstrate to those around you what can happen through visual pictures. Creating conversations, but more importantly raise issue to the topic. Iamdope has made a win-win scenario for buyers, society, and in fashion. I want to thank all the viewers for reading my blog, thus I will leave everyone with a surprise below the paragraph.

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